Top Dominica Attractions, Activities and Places to Visit

Get away from the traditional images of soaking up the sun while lazing around on white sand beaches. As our tourism motto states, “Defy the everyday”.
The Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, is a virtual treasure chest of Dominica’s natural jewels. It is home to the Boiling Lake, the second largest of its kind in the world. The bubbling fumarole with greyish water is estimated to be 200 feet across and over 195 feet deep. The temperature at the centre of activity is not known but other areas have been measured and range between 80 to 95° Fahrenheit. The hike to the lake is about 3 hours one way but well worth the adventure. The hike takes you through the Valley of Desolation which has many small geysers and sulphur springs but you must be accompanied by a qualified guide. It cost EC$150 (US$55) for two persons.

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Another gem within the park is the Emerald Pool. It is a quarter mile walk along a well tended trail into a heavily forested area. The greenery that surrounds the pool gives the illusion that it is a very large emerald. The water is quite refreshing and visitors have been known to cool their drinks in it. Certified taxi drivers charge about US$25 per person to visit Emerald Pool.

Fusion Village Restaurant treats its guests to an interesting variety of food and drink. Drinks include various brands of tequila, Amaretto, Bourgogne Chardonnay and Santa Rita ‘Sauvignon Blanc 120, as well as regional rums such as Appleton, Kubuli Beer which is the national beer of Dominica and Mount Gay rum. fusion Village Restaurant and Bar is the diner’s delight, providing amazing ambiance and quality service and Fusion Village Restaurant Event.

Dominica’s longest river is the Layou River. It is very popular among residents and a local tour company now offers visitors a river tubing adventure. The more scenic Indian River in the town of Portsmouth is well worth a visit. Take a boat ride (EC$20/person) up the river which meanders through mangrove trees and be on the lookout for the Ringed Kingfisher one of the over 130 species of birds on island.

Dominica’s most popular tourism destination because of accessibility and proximity to the capital, Roseau, is the Trafalgar Falls. They are twin falls referred to as the Mother and Father Falls.