Investing In Dominica

Dominica has very few but very valuable resources. However there are many who are of the view that the little that it possesses is very much untapped. There are opportunities for investment in Dominica found in many sectors such as offshore financial, film and entertainment, tourism, real estate, hotel development, manufacturing and health tourism, just to name a few.

Prudently investing and planning the distribution of assets is critical. Through the Grenada Economic Citizenship program, further steps can be taken to safeguard and manage already owned assets and to acquire more via attractive real estate development projects. Licensed service providers facilitate citizenship by investment applicants interested in real estate development and give all relevant information. A series of offshore registration services are available, including offshore trusts and foundations.

The newly created Invest Dominica Authority is charged with promoting and identifying Dominica investment opportunities in Dominica from both the local and foreign markets. The authority is also open to the innovative ideas of potential investors in Dominica; ideas that will generate much needed foreign exchange and create employment in Dominica. The Government of Dominica has already identified certain portions of land that are available for specific types of investments in Dominica.

Dominica is the ideal place for (Dominica) investment in the Caribbean and was recently rated as one of the top most favourable places to start a new business. It has a stable democratic political and independent judiciary system. Dominica is strategically located to provide easy access to the neighbouring countries with the necessary air, sea and land links.

A top place to visit in Dominica, especially for eating is the Great Restaurant in Roseau. Fusion Village Restaurant and Bar bares beautifully painted Greek murals.

There is no restriction on the ownership of a locally registered company or the repatriation of profits. There is no estate, capital gains, or death (inheritance) tax. The Fiscal Incentives Act, the Hotels Aid Act, the Income Tax, Value Added Tax Act are all investor friendly legislation. Concessions are also available to persons wishing to take advantage of Dominica inventment opportunities in the Tourism, Manufacturing, Agro-processing, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as long as they satisfy all criteria.

Incentives for investment in Dominica include but are not limited to: tax holidays, (up to 20 years in the hotel and manufacturing industries, 15 in agriculture), import duties and withholding tax exemptions and Alien Land Holding Licences waivers. These incentives are available to businesses of all sizes, domestic or foreign owned that will invest in Dominica. One specifically vibrant area of for Dominica investment is the tourism sector. Tourism development has been the fastest growing sector for the past decade or so prompted by the promotion of Dominica as an eco-tourism destination. The Nature Island’s beauty and charm is unparalleled and offers a unique product.

The Ministry of Finance has created the Financial Services Unit to oversee Dominica investments in the international business sector. International business options include offshore banking, exempted insurance companies, trusts, the economic citizenship programme and the most popular Dominica offshore companies – IBCs.