Dominica Real Estate and Dominica Property

Natural beauty beyond compare, rich, fertile soil, towering mountains and pristine waterfalls. The Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica, is one of the most appealing places in the region to locate a business, build a home, or settle down after retirement. Crime is virtually non-existent which gives both residents and non-residents alike a feeling of tranquillity that is incomparable. The abundance of fruits and vegetables and sources of fresh water also make Dominica very appealing to those looking for a healthy change of life.

Compared to its Caribbean neighbours, the price of land in Dominica is relatively cheap. There is no estate, capital gains, or death (inheritance) tax. For citizens of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean member states an alien land holding licence is not required to buy Dominica property. However, a licence is a must to buy over an acre of Dominica land for residential and over three acres for commercial purposes. Non-OECS citizens also pay a further 10% license fee regardless of acreage on Dominica properties. The purchaser of any Dominica property is expected to pay 4% stamp duty, 3% legal, 2.5 judicial fees and 1% assurance fund. A 2.5% stamp duty on the market value of the land is paid by the vendor of the Dominica real estate.

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Some of the Dominica real estate that is becoming available for investors is farming land, the lower slopes of the mountains and coastal hillsides, and some village plots that are being sold off by families. The Government of Dominica has also identified certain portions of Dominica properties and Dominica land for sale that are available for specific types of investments.